The ‘Power of One’ is a webinar and written resource which been created to inspire and equip us all in our day to day lives to engage with and support those around us who may be experiencing loneliness and or social isolation.


With loneliness in the headlines, we can often feel overwhelmed with the scale of the issue, and feel it just cannot be tackled. However, the truth is we can ALL make a difference in some way, to someone else. Our ‘Power of One’ resource is designed to inspire and equip individuals from all walks of life to make a positive difference in just one other persons life.

We run monthly interactive webinars lasting for just one hour and unpack key themes interspersed with five short films. A downloadable toolkit is then provided with suggestions for maximising the impact you can make to someone else experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

Why is it needed?

Many of us have busy lives and can easily go about our daily activities without noticing or being aware of other around us who may be experiencing loneliness on a regular basis. This could include neighbours, friends, family or even unknown people that we come across while shopping, on public transport or community venues.

The message of this resource is that each of us has the opportunity to make a difference in just one persons’ life through taking time noticing and engaging with those around us whenever we can. If we each took these small steps, it would make a significant difference in the lives of many – often unseen – people.


“Following a Power of One webinar, four of us set up a monthly Friendship Café. It has been heart-warming to welcome people who feel isolated, to have a good natter over refreshments and homemade refreshments! Some of them have also brought friends along so we feel really pleased that the Café is providing outreach into the local community and linking participants with each other. So many grateful thanks to you all!.”

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