Through partnerships with local churches, Two’s Company Befriending offers dependable relationships between volunteer befrienders and people in the community who would otherwise experience feelings of loneliness or social isolation. We use three models of befriending within local communities: Telephone Befriending, Home Visiting, and a Hybrid approach.

Befriending provides a lifeline to those who have lost connections with others, for whatever reason, and often acts a stepping stone back into community  activities again. 

Many volunteers tell us that they also enjoy getting to know and finding out more about the person they befriend –  so everyone benefits!

Churches or organisations interested in partnering with us to set up a Two’s Company service will receive full training, guidance and support as part of our wider family of befriending schemes.


Find out how you or your church can set up and run a Two’s Company Befriending scheme in your community.


We provide an effective and professionally-run framework which enables churches to set up a  befriending service in their community which is both straightforward and safe to run.

This includes training, how to find referrals, paperwork and ongoing support as well as regular opportunities to meet with others running similar services across the country.


As we were looking into starting a befriending project we came across Linking Lives. We soon realised that they had a very helpful ‘off the shelf’ product the we could use. They were amazing right from the start, and supplied us with all the documentation we needed.

We now support over 50 local people and have built strong partnerships with key organisations in our area. We couldn’t have done it without Linking Lives – hats off to them!

Cockermouth Linking Lives


We know that there are many befriending schemes out there being ran by churches or Christian organisations, which are carrying out amazing work in supporting socially isolated older people in their communities. Usually these schemes have developed on a local level and are therefore not linked to other similar organisations.

It is with this in mind that Linking Lives UK set up our ‘Affiliate’ network which aims to bring together coordinators and volunteers running similar schemes with others in their region as well as on a more national level.

There are several benefits to affiliating with Linking Lives UK including regular opportunities to network with other people in a similar role to you, access to tried and tested documents and resources, and free admission to our annual conference!


Click here to find out more about Affiliation to Linking Lives UK.


We provide access to our many resources to help with Volunteer Training and Recruitment, Attracting Referrals, and other aspects of managing a befriending scheme. We also promote mutual sharing of experiences through our regular Coordinator Gatherings.


“The support and partnership we receive from Linking Lives UK is very helpful and we use it frequently.”

Sherburn Road Friends and Neighbours, Durham