Improving quality of life through friendship


Linking Lives UK exists to empower and equip individuals and churches to significantly impact social isolation and loneliness in local communities.


As part of our work across to address loneliness and social isolation across the UK, we are focusing specifically on building partnerships in Scotland and you can find out more about this below.


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Older people can be affected by loneliness and isolation whether they live in our cities or rural communities. Linking Lives UK want to be part of the solution to this problem as Scotland has an aging population, and our Health & Social Care system is at capacity. Our aim is to support faith communities to engage with us to demonstrate practical love in action by loving our neighbour.

As people age the quality and quantity of social interaction can diminish for reasons such as ill health, retirement, death of a spouse, transport difficulties, and mental health. This means some of our older population can feel lonely and cut off from the wider world causing a serious impact on their quality of life.

Working towards positive change, our National Development Worker for Scotland collaborates with churches and Christian organisations offering training to reduce the negative impacts of loneliness & isolation in the following ways:



Inspiring individuals

We run a monthly webinar called ‘Power of One’ which provides hints, tips and case studies for individuals to use in their day to day lives.

Equipping volunteers

We run regular online and face to face training for volunteers engaging in activities such as lunch clubs, community cafes, and drop-in groups.

Supporting churches

We support churches to create local befriending schemes in which volunteers visit or telephone those facing loneliness or social isolation


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We’re looking for trustees!

We’re looking for trustees!

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