With loneliness in the headlines, we can often feel overwhelmed with the scale of the issue, and feel it just cannot be tackled.

However, the truth is we can ALL make a difference in some way, to someone else.

Our ‘Power of One’ resource is designed to inspire and equip individuals from all walks of life to make a positive difference in just one other persons life. 

The resource, which was developed for Loneliness Awareness Week 2022, includes five short films and a downloadable PDF which provides suggestions for maximising the impact you can make to someone else experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

All of these resources are available below – please just click on the link to access them.



We have put together our top tips for making a difference into a Power of One resource pack.

Contents includes:

– Where to start?

– Maximising your input

– 20 Top Tips for Tackling Loneliness


To receive this free resource via email, please provide us with your contact details here.


Each of the five short films feature different people who have experienced loneliness and who have also benefited from contact and engagement with at least one person in their local area through a Linking Lives or Two’s Company Befriending Scheme. These help us to see the impact that loneliness and social isolation can have as well as the mutual benefit that a regular contact can make to their lives.

Power of One webinars

In addition to the Power of One resources, we also provide the opportunity to join us for an hour long interactive webinar which gives participants the opportunity to identify people they know who may experience feelings of loneliness, and go away with resources to improve someone else’s wellbeing. Upcoming webinars will be advertised on our Calendar.


During Loneliness Awareness Week 2022 we were pleased to be able to share in the launch of Edinburgh Two’s Company Befriending, a partnership with Edinburgh City Mission, which work with churches and other agencies across the city to address loneliness and social isolation. During the launch, the coordinator of the project – Julie Young – gave an inspiring summary of their Christian motivations for the work in Edinburgh. You can watch this below.