How visiting older people is a ‘win-win’ activity!


Penny Naylor, Scheme Co-ordinator at our partner project - Befriending Networks  – in Godalming, Surrey shares the story of a successful link up of one of her clients and a volunteer.

Painting – Rebecca Jesty

“One of our clients, Ruth, is a 95-year-old artist. I introduced her to one of our volunteers, Sue, 20 years her junior and also an Artist. They immediately connected, discussing Art and its various mediums. Both are skilled at using watercolours but a discussion followed where Ruth mentioned that she had always wanted to learn ‘palleting,’ a technique which uses acrylic paint. They agreed that on the first visit Sue would help Ruth to do this. It was great to witness their mutual passion for their shared interest and I am still smiling thinking how well this morning went!”

Relating a second story she comments:

“Last July I introduced one of our clients Andrew, aged 95 to one of our volunteers Debbie. Andrew had suffered a number of falls over the previous few months that had affected his confidence in that he was barely confident to walk around his own bungalow.

I have just reviewed this link up and I am so encouraged! They have been able to go out on various trips since just before Christmas and Debbie has witnessed Andrew’s confidence returning. They took me out for tea and cakes and I found out that they are working their way around all the local tea rooms! The hour we spent together was filled with laughter and jokes and it was clear how well Andrew and Debbie are getting on.

To find out more about the work of Befriending Networks in Godalming, go to the website of Busbridge and Hambledon Church 


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