Help us raise £20,000!!


Linking Lives UK currently has an opportunity to raise a total of £20,000 for a limited time only and here are details of ways in which you could help us achieve this.

Three weeks ago, we set up a Crowdfunding profile with the aim of raising at least £2,000. Within a week, we had been offered the opportunity for total donations up to a maximum of £10,000 to be matched on a ‘pound for pound basis’ taking the potential figure to £20,000!!! There are some criteria which apply:

  • Only individual donations up to £250 per person (using the same payment method) will be matched
  • The fund which is providing the matched funding element is coming from the National Emergencies Trust and we understand that this is a limited overall contribution being shared by all successful charities of £1.2M. Time is therefore of the essence as contributions are being allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

There are a few ways that you can help with this:

  • Individual donations directly through our page below (remember – only one donation can be made for each payment method per person)
  • Create a Fundraiser – If you (or a member of your family!) are able to carry out a sponsored activity of some description, a Fundraiser can be added to our profile specifically describing the activity. You can see an example of a fundraiser that has been set up for us here.  If you have any ideas of sponsored activities that you could do please go to to set up a page.
  • Promote via email and social media – If you have friends or family who you think may consider making a donation please do email or contact them to provide them with details of our profile. Also, if you have a social media account (Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram or LinkedIn) we will be posting regular updates so please do re-share!
  • Ideas for Rewards – We are able to add rewards to our Crowdfunder profile. This can contain products, services, events or experiences which can be linked to our charity (or not). These rewards can be very simple and range from requiring a donation of £10 through to £100. Examples could include a packet of homemade cards, framed photos, attendance at an event or an experience. If you have any ideas or think you (or someone you know) could offer something along these lines, please contact

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