Bookings and payment options

Because of the wide range of situations in which Good Conversations are important, we have created several booking and payment options.

If you are interested in booking a single place for yourself, please return to the previous page and click “Book now”. You will be redirected to our EventBrite page, where you can see the available dates and times of our open-to-all online sessions. The standard cost for individuals to attend is £5, with payment by card online.


If you are looking for other options on behalf of a group or organisation and need to train a number of volunteers we offer the following options

1. Individuals and small groups

The flexible option

Option 1 – Ask attendees to book individually, as above, and reimburse them against their email receipt.

Other Options – If you have a group of people you would like to attend, and would prefer to pay in advance, please see the options below


2. Small to medium groups

avoiding the need for reimbursement

If you would like to pay in advance for a number of places, please email as below and we will arrange to invoice you.

We will send you a code, and your attendees will then be able to book at time to suit them without payment at that point.


3. Small to medium group

Exclusive for your team

You may wish to organise an exclusive zoom event for your group, in which the individuals all join from their own locations. They will need to do this in order to participate in breakout groups and interactive exercises.

Please email as below to arrange such a session. As we charge a flat fee of £80 for such a session, we recommend you encourage as many as possible to attend, but bear in mind that, with groups above about 20, individual participation is reduced. 


4. Large groups

The “blended training” option

For larger groups we can organise an face-to-face/online “blended” event. This would involve bringing people together in a venue you would arrange.

You will need to organise a screen and sound system, refreshments, publicity etc., and someone to act as a local facilitator, who will need to liaise with us in advance of the event.

The course materials will be presented live, via a Zoom or other teleconferencing link to the large screen. The local facilitator will step in to run the interactive elements of the session.

Groups of up to 100 can be catered for in this way. Email as below for a quotation. The cost for this would be based on the overall time for the session and preparations, so please get in touch to discuss.

5. Large group

The face-to-face training option

Option 4 above can be delivered by a Linking Lives trainer in person at your venue. All the above details apply, but there will be an additional charge for trainer’s travelling time and expenses. It may be necessary to provide overnight accomodation.

Please email as below to discuss this option and request a quotation.

To discuss options and request a quotation, please email