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New Linking Lives schemes are being set up on a regular basis. These are mostly run in partnership with local churches or Christian agencies. If you are interested in setting up a befriending scheme in your community, please request an Introductory Pack using the contact form below.


How many volunteers do you need?

A befriending scheme can begin with as few a five volunteers. We really believe that quality is more important than quantity, especially when beginning a new scheme.

Can this be run as a Churches Together outreach?

Absolutely. We have several successful partnerships with churches together groups and this obviously increases the capacity a project will have in terms of volunteers and other resources.

Do you have any materials that we can access?

Yes! We have developed several resources to help promote Two’s Company within your church. These include short films and a PowerPoint presentation. Please contact us to access these.

How long does it take to set up a befriending scheme?

This can vary depending on the time a Coordinator has to dedicate to it, but it tends to take around 2-6 months to become fully functioning.

How do we find people to befriend?

As part of the setting up process we provide guidance in how to approach key local organisations such as social services, health visitors, GP surgeries and voluntary/ community groups, in order that you can then receive regular referrals.

What does the Volunteer Training include?

Interactive training for the volunteers covers a range of relevant topics including: Active listening, safeguarding, boundries, recording & monitoring and signposting.