24 Jun
  • By Jeremy Sharpe
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‘Realising & Releasing Potential’ – Virtual Conference

We are excited to be running a series of workshops as part of a Virtual Conference at the start of July. These sessions (and new ones which have been added) were due to be held as part of our annual conference which had to be postponed in March due to Covid-19. The theme through the sessions will focus on ‘Realising and Releasing Potential’ as we recognise and celebrate the value and experiences of older people in our communities. Most workshops will be running during the week beginning 6th July, with a final session on 14th July at 10.30am from National Director of Linking Lives, Jeremy Sharpe, focusing on ‘The Way Ahead’ for organisations such as Linking Lives UK.

All workshops will be held on Zoom and will last for up to one hour. We have gathered a number of practitioners and experts in their respective fields to bring these sessions together. To see further details of the event, click on the poster below, and to book tickets go to ‘Book here’.

  • Key skills in befriending people with dementia
  • Engaging effectively with those experiencing sight loss
  • Collecting data and measuring outcomes
  • Gathering and celebrating ‘good news’ stories
  • Effective recruitment of employed coordinators
  • Dealing with complex issues
  • Gaining skills in fundraising on a local level
  • The Way Ahead in changing times