07 Mar
  • By Jeremy Sharpe
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Simply Limitless, Kidderminster

A small church operating a multi-generational community centre in Kidderminster

The outreach to older people at the Simply Limitless centre started with a fitness class for over 60s. Realising the extent of the need for social contact in their area, the team asked themselves how they could accelerate the process of supporting older people. The church saw the Linking Lives model as a tool that would help them get a flow of referrals.

Leaders from the church first talked to the Linking Lives UK at the Big Church Day Out in 2014. They were already in touch with Age UK and were aware of the social impact bond to target social isolation in Worcestershire. They also had links with the Citiziens’ Advice Bureau and the community buddies scheme that runs locally.

In addition, representatives from the church were already going to multi-agency meetings about befriending in their area. Linking Lives have helped the church to continue to grow into these partnerships.