15 Feb
  • By Jeremy Sharpe
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New partnerships emerging with regional Together Networks

Since September 2020, we have started to work with a number of Together Network partnerships across the UK to increase the number of telephone befriending services available to those hardest hit by isolating lockdown measures.

At the start of the pandemic, we developed Two’s Company – a new telephone befriending service – which was based on the framework used for our existing home visiting projects. Two’s Company is designed to be a tool which churches can use to reach those people in their communities hardest hit by lockdown measures. The model is quick, easy and safe to set up and is free of charge. Calls are made to Link Friends on a weekly basis for around 30 minutes and this is often a real lifeline to those most marginalised and unable to engage with friends or family.

We have so far partnered with Together Networks in:

  • Birmingham
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Durham
  • Newcastle
  • Norfolk
  • Sussex
  • North Yorkshire

We have jointly been able to expand this valuable and much-needed model around the country, so that more people who are experiencing isolation can be reached by a friendly voice. Together Network Members in various parts of the country have spread the word through open online webinars, delivered training, and helped churches set up new Two’s Company projects. We also plan to continue this joint working as lockdown is eased, and to encourage churches to set up ‘Places of Welcome’ alongside Linking Lives projects.