28 Apr
  • By Jeremy Sharpe
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Linking Lives UK Promotional Film Launched!

Today we are excited to be launching our brand new promotional film for the first time. The film features the story of Anne, who lives in the Forest of Dean, and outlines some of the challenges that she faces in her day to day life. It goes on to highlight the significant difference that her Linking Lives visitor has been able to make to her quality of life and confidence. Anne’s visitor also emphasises the benefits that she herself has gained as a result of their relationship.

The film also unpacks the way in which Linking Lives is able to work with our local church partners to help set up befriending projects in other areas. As we highlight, we are convinced that churches and Christian organisations have a key role to play in addressing social isolation and loneliness in the UK, and the rural project featured in this film underlines the impact that can be made, particularly in areas where there are limited alternative services. Many of our local projects (currently 29) are also based in suburban and inner city areas, and these are equally valued, needed and appreciated.

Last year, Church Urban Fund found that almost 70% of Anglican church leaders were finding loneliness and social isolation to be the most prevalent issue in their communities. The issue is regularly featured in the national and local press, and the government is taking a number of  practical steps (in conjunction with other organisations) to address this in the next few years. This includes a national awareness campaign shortly due to be launched, as well as other measures recommended in the Loneliness Strategy (November 2018). We are now looking at ways in which we can continue to grow our work through churches and Christian organisations across the UK, and there are three ways in which you can partner with us in achieving this vision:

  • Set up a Linking Lives befriending project in your community – If you would like to find out more about what is involved, please contact Jeremy Sharpe on 07970 100131 or 0300 302 0225
  • Pray – Please do pray for us as we work to reach and support isolated older people across the UK. Let us know if this is something that you are able to do, and we will contact you with further information.
  • Financial support  – We rely mainly on individual donations and grants from trusts to enable us to carry out our work. We will shortly be launching a fundraising campaign which will provide details of several ways to raise money for Linking Lives UK during 2019. In the meantime, you can find details of how you can give financially to our charity at our Donate page


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