06 Nov
  • By Jeremy Sharpe
  • Cause in Godalming

Busbridge & Hambledon

A combined benefice of two former parishes in Godalming

In the combined benefice of Busbridge and Hambledon on the outskirts of Godalming, a focus on befriending older people was realised by a legacy to the church that was ring-fenced for work with older people. The project has now secured two years’ funding from the borough council and appointed a coordinator.

You can find out more about ways to get started with a Linking Lives project with our resource for churches, the Linking Lives Challenge, or you can request an introductory pack here.

Two-and-a-half years ago, the church started to talk about appointing an older persons worker and a vision was developed to secure further funding for a long-term project. Contact with the Cinnamon Network led to an awareness of the Linking Lives.

The core values of the Linking Lives were very relevant to the church and it felt that, in partnership with them, there would be funding available. To begin with the church secured small, one-off grants, and then got a 2-year grant from the borough council which enabled it to appoint a project coordinator.