18 Feb
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TiM Friends – Burghfield & Mortimer, West Berkshire

TiM (Together in Mission) Friends was the first of our projects to be set up in 2013 and they have just celebrated their third anniversary! The befriending scheme was initiated by an inter-denominational social action charity called Together in Mission who had already set up other projects such as a community café and School Pastors. The area they are serving is a rural community comprising small villages and isolated properties. The need for a befriending service had been identified by various agencies and individuals for some time. In recent months, demand for the service has been increasing in other outlying areas and so TiM Friends is beginning to operate in three further villages. In general, existing clients have also been participating in a wider variety of activities and events in the community which is resulting in positive feedback from family members and clients themselves.

TiM Friends are now visiting over 50 clients locally and also running a variety of successful regular social events and activities (including coffee mornings as shown in the photo). They have recently expressed their appreciation for our support in the early stages of setting up the project, which has enabled the project to become established and well-recognised in the community as a crucial contribution to community life.